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Headline News About My Book Penis Politics



People Magazine: Andrew Cuomo Press Secretary on Surviving Misogyny in Politics
Sam Gillette, People, 1/28/22

Politics of Misconduct
Tara Reade, Host, 5/8/2022

My Wake-up Call: Karen Hinton
Dr. Mark Goulston, Host, 4/28/2022

Up Next: Karen Hinton. Penis Politics.
Gabriella Mirabelli, Host, 1/27/22

The Business of Business: Why MEN in power sexually harass
Christie Smythe, Host, 1/26/22

Eye on the Radio: Interview with Karen Hinton
Peter Moses, Host, 1/24/22

Releasing Trauma: Penis Politics With Karen Hinton
Tracey Osborne, Host, 01/9/2021

The Men Who Put the P into Politics
Harry Siegel, Host, 01/05/2022

Karen Hinton recounts journey from conservative Jones County to the pinnacle of Democratic politics
Mississippi Today, Bobbie Harrison, 12/22/2021

Rita Cosby Show: Karen Hinton Discusses Her Memoir
Rita Cosby, Host, 12/14/2021

Karen Hinton: Politics with a P and the Men Who Abuse Their Power
Errol Louis, Host, 12/9/2021

Politics! Politics! Politics! Podcast: Penis Politics with Karen Hinton
Justin Robert Young, Host, 12/8/2021

Ex-Cuomo Aide Karen Hinton Debuts ‘Penis Politics’ Memoir
1010WINS 12/02/2021

Cuomo Accusers Celebrate Release of Karen Hinton’s Memoir
City & State New York 12/1/2021

BookTrib Exclusive Interview with Karen Hinton, Hot Button Author of Penis Politics
BookTrib 12/1/2021

WGY Interview With Karen Hinton: Author of Penis Politics: A Memoir of Women, Men and Power
Doug Goudie, Host, 12/1/2021

Cuomo Accuser From Soso Pens Tell-All Memoir
Laurel Leader-Call 11/29/2021

Releasing Trauma: Penis Politics With Karen Hinton
Tracey Osborne, Host, 01/9/2021

MSNBC Interview: Karen Hinton Discusses Sexual Harassment
Geoffrey Bennett, Anchor, 10/29/2021





Facebook Bans Cuomo and de Blasio’s Aides’ Book Penis Politics
NY Post 11/8/2021

Andrew Cuomo’s Dad Rebuked Him For Comparing Women’s Breasts
NY Post 10/13/2021

Cuomo’s Behavior Created a Toxic Workplace Culture for Decades
Washington Post, 3/6/2021

Other Headlines About Penis Politics & Sexual Harassment

Lean to the Left Podcast: Interview with Karen Hinton on ‘Penis Politcs’
Bob Gatty, Host, 12/18/2021

WCOA Pensacola News: Former Press Secretary Discusses Cuomo
Rick Butzen, Host, 12/14/2021

Forbidden Speech Podcast: Navigating Through Sexual Assault, with Karen Hinton
Christina Rivera, Host, 12/8/2021

Authority Magazine: How & Why Karen Hinton of ‘Penis Politics’ is Helping to Change Our World
Edward Sylvan, Host, 12/5/2021

CNN Should Fire Chris Cuomo For Enabling Brother Andrew, ExAide Says at Book Launch
NY Post 12/2/2021

Cuomo Accuser Reacts to His Resignation
CNN 8/10/2021

Cuomo Refused to Hire Woman Because She Wasn’t Pretty Enough
NY Post 8/9/2021

Cuomo accuser: He almost never takes accountability for what he’s done wrong
CNN 8/3/2021

Mississippi native Karen Hinton discusses her storied political career
Mississippi Today 6/28/2021

“NYC Mayoral Spokesman Karen Hinton Winds Down from a Whirlwind Year”
The Wall Street Journal, June 10, 2016

“The Cost and Benefit of Karen Hinton”
Politico, July 6, 2015