Passages from Penis Politics


Janice, a high school girlfriend of mine, is raped.

Janice drops out of school and leaves home.

I go to New Orleans for the first time with my girlfriends. Janice has left Soso. I imagine being Alva in the movie This Property Is Condemned, based on a one act play by Tennessee Williams.

Basketball was a confidence builder for me as a teenager.

A year later, Janice comes back to Soso but things are different.

Daddy makes a huge mess in the house with his tobacco turds while we are away at Mamaw’s. I am not happy.

Unknowingly, President Nixon did more for girls & women than Gloria Steinem by signing the Title IX bill. Title IX is all that’s left to protect women from inequality.
Former New York Governor Mario Cuomo speaks at 1984 Democratic Convention & everyone in Lusco’s restaurant in Greenwood, Mississippi, listens.

Former NY Governor Andrew Cuomo discriminated against a woman he wanted to hire when he saw her.

Trent Lott wanted to “lick my thighs,” Cuomo told his inner circle of white men about the meeting he and I had with the former Mississippi senator.

After an accident that almost kills me, I see Janice in a dream.